Designed specifically for the construction industry, ClockFace with Deep Learning provides firms with unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and cost-savings

HIGHAM FERRERS, 14 MARCH 2016 – Pioneering facial recognition specialist Aurora is set to roll out a new, cost-saving Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered version of its ClockFace biometric time and attendance system for the construction industry.

The new ClockFace is the world’s first time and attendance system powered by Deep Learning – a specialist technique used to create a highly optimised Artificial Intelligence (AI). ClockFace itself is a fast and highly accurate biometric facial recognition system, designed to clock operatives on and off construction sites. The unit is capable of being sited in high-throughput areas, and users simply enter a pin code and stand in front of the hardware whilst their identification is verified in seconds.

The new AI enhancements mean ClockFace’s speed and accuracy is world-leading. For users this translates to payroll and HR efficiencies: with its integrated software packages, ClockFace will only pay those contractors who are proven to be on-site.

This results in some impressive savings. Civil engineering contractor Dunne Group estimates it saves £3,000 a week across its sites by avoiding wrongly paid wage costs. That’s £150,000 a year, which would make a significant difference to any company’s bottom line.

Gary James, Aurora’s Head of Sales and Customer Relations, says the addition of Deep Learning to ClockFace is good news for both construction companies and for construction operatives.

“What Deep Learning gives us is a super-fast and super-accurate means of clocking in and out of site,” he says. “It avoids any of the pitfalls of other biometric access methods, meaning a fast and simple experience for the employee, while at the same time giving employers the peace of mind of knowing that they are not paying wages for unworked hours.”

Deep Learning works by first creating a blank “brain”: an artificial neural network. This brain is then trained to recognise faces by presenting it with millions of face image examples, enabling it to become more experienced, faster and more accurate at the facial recognition task than any human or existing technology could be. Aurora’s Deep Learning capacity is the result of work done by its R&D department – a team of six PhD facial recognition experts led by Head of Research, Dr Tom Heseltine.

“With the new AI-enhanced ClockFace, construction firms will simply have the best time and attendance tool on the market,” James says. “And thanks to the savings made possible by using ClockFace, return on investment is rapid and tangible.”