Face@Pace identifies customers as they approach and within Casino’s introduces the concept of “virtual membership”.

The system could be used at Cash Desks and Reception areas to confirm identity, for management of loyalty points or anti money laundering purposes.

Face&Pace is a subtle, non-contact biometric offering a new user experience. It uses leading edge technology, developed for the aviation industry and is completely non-contact. The IR sensor technology eliminates the problems created by varying light conditions that affect CCTV based systems, ensuring robust performance with the same subject at different locations.

Aurora are partnering with HD Integrated Systems, Casino CCTV and Access Control specialists who provide security systems in the UK and abroad. HDI are on stand S8-140.

ICE is a unique gathering place for all the major gaming players including operators, regulators and more. It is the highlight of the gaming industry’s calendar. Last year, their attendance audience was 25,497 with 133 countries represented.