Aurora is the UK’s leading provider of biometric face recognition systems with over a decade of experience and owning its own technology. We are proud to have developed systems that are widely deployed and used by a range of prestigious clients. We now believe we are on the cusp of the next exciting development due to the success of our Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) developments that have given enhanced accuracy to our already world class solutions.

Established in 1998, Aurora is the UK market leader with more deployed systems than any other company.

From our base in Northamptonshire we serve scores of clients in a variety of markets including the air industry, construction, logistics, education and many others.

With over a decade and a half of experience we have developed deep domain knowledge of the deployment of face recognition solutions and customers using our systems have completed over 100 million successful transactions.

A highly experienced and committed team, from top to bottom, prides itself on customer service and our in-house R&D team has developed all our solutions.

We provide near Infra Red (IR) face recognition that overcomes the well known problem of changes in the lighting environment leading to reduced accuracy.

And we provide colour (natural lighting) face recognition for deployment with standard cameras.

In addition, and perhaps we are unique in this capability, we also provide systems that can match colour images (perhaps on a passport) to an IR image in real time thus allowing document verification.

Since 2007 the biometric solutions we provide are owned and developed in-house. In February 2014 we achieved number 1 slot for accuracy in the University of Massachusetts Labelled Faces in the Wild benchmark test. This achievement was the result of about 35 person years of specialist R&D in the field of biometric face recognition.

Since the Autumn of 2014 we have been working on Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence. The results are spectacular and we have reduced error rates in our Infra Red systems by a margin of 65% and in our colour, natural light systems, by 44%.

Our Deep Learning expertise is varied and extensive. Our proof of concept development of a system to detect cancerous cells gives us the opportunity to explore other exciting developments including building upon our early stage work on fingerprint recognition.

Core Markets for our Face Recognition Technology include…

  • Construction sites, Building Security & Access
  • Time & Attendance, Employee Visibility, Reporting

“No more ghost workers”

“The ClockFace+ paid for itself in less than two months”

“We have received positive feedback from
all staff using the Aurora technology”

“The level of service we received
from Aurora was second to none”

“The Aurora software has been a key tool in negotiating labour costs”

“We instantly know who is on site”

“On one project alone, we anticipated using 20 administration staff but by implementing
Aurora’s Timekeeper software we reduced this number to 3, saving over £240K”

“Staff leaving site early but claiming extra hours has become a thing of the past”

“As far as we are concerned there is no better solution for recording
staff arrival and departure from our multiple offices UK-wide”

“Aurora’s Time and Attendance solution
saved us £65K on our flagship project”