Aurora has a proven track record in partnering with key organisations within the Construction industry. Our technology has delivered successful real-world applications that have enhanced security and improved the workplace experience for both employees and site visitors on construction projects around the world.

Please review the following case studies for more detailed information on our work within the Construction sector:

Biometrics in Construction | Cloud Time & Attendance

Read the Mulalley case study in full

MJ Gallagher
Time and Attendance – Construction

Read the MJ Gallagher case study in full

CIDON Construction

Time and Attendance – Cidon Construction

Read the Cidon Construction case study in full

21st Century Contracts
Time and Attendance – 21st Century Contracts

Read the 21st Century Contracts case study in full

TONE Scaffolding Services

MobileClocking – Tone Scaffolding Services

Read the TONE Scaffolding Services case study in full