Support Files / Downloads

The files in this section are updates to some of the programs that Aurora has developed. Customers who have a licensed copy of our software are free to download appropriate update files. These are not the full program install files but simply updates to existing systems. All our software is fully protected by encrypted licence strings so non-registered copies will not function.


You should only run the update if your current version is the same as the Update From version or above. You can determine what version you are currently using by going to Help > About on the program menu. You should not attempt to update earlier versions with these patch files – previous versions need more extensive upgrades. Customers with earlier versions should have received full upgrade CDs as part of their support contract. If you are a licensed customer and have not received the upgrade, please use our Contact Form to let us know.

Each download file is a patch installation program. Simply choose the Run option after clicking the download link.

Program Update From Update To Date Size (kb) Download
ACSClocking 26/01/2017 30,766
Eclipse (V3) 3.00.00 3.02.03 14/10/2012 2,411
Tablet PC 30/04/2008 2,766
TKNET 26/01/2017 30,766