Aurora’s Integrated Biometric Turnstiles are designed specifically for the construction industry, combining ClockFace+ facial recognition with a fully secure, managed access and time and attendance solution

HIGHAM FERRERS, 06 JUNE 2016 – Infrastructure, support services and construction company Robertson is using unique turnstiles with integrated facial recognition software to improve on-site safety for its employees and contractors.

The Integrated Biometric Turnstiles come from pioneering facial recognition specialist Aurora, and allow Robertson to maintain a highly accurate record of everyone on-site at any one time: ideal for creating instant reports in the event of a fire alarm or emergency, as well as for time and attendance and payroll purposes.

The IBT combines Aurora’s ClockFace+ Facial Recognition system with a fully secure, weather resistant turnstile, providing managed access alongside highly accurate biometric time and attendance monitoring. Aurora is a leader in facial recognition technology, enabling fast, reliable non-contact biometric entry for users.

Robertson has just taken delivery of a second IBT, a year after their first turnstile was installed, for a site in northern Scotland. Site manager Charles Orr says the unusual nature of the project has made Aurora’s technology particularly useful. A key element is the system’s ability to categorise all sub-contractors by trade.

“When a fire alarms goes off, we hit ‘print’, and we know everyone who is on-site and can be accounted for,” he says. “That’s one of the biggest benefits for us. We’ve got a big, long site, and to know who is where at all times is impossible. So, using Aurora’s equipment, we actually know who is on-site that we have to evacuate in case of an emergency.”

Up to 180 workers can be on Robertson’s site at any one time. The rural location and shape of the site means that access is not restricted in the same way that it would be elsewhere; but sub-contractors use the turnstiles to ensure they are recorded for payroll purposes.

“Because the system is set to provide instant reports of on-site staff by trade,” Orr says, “when an alarm sounds and we meet at the muster point, the foremen for each trade are provided with a sheet of names, and they account for their guys.

“The ClockFace system also quickly settles any disputes that may arise about how many sub-contractors actually worked on a given job, and helps us to plan for staffing levels on future projects.”

The IBTs allow users to receive health and safety and other messages via the ClockFace+ screen as they clock in and out, with administrators able to target messages to individuals or groups. With a single power and network connection, IBT can be installed and commissioned in hours and the units have a lifespan of many years, maximising return on investment.

Watch videos about ClockFace+ and Integrated Biometric Turnstiles here: