Aurora’s FaceSentinel in Identification Mode allows users to pass through security doors without cards, tokens or codes

HIGHAM FERRERS, 5 JULY 2016 – At IFSEC International 2016, pioneering facial recognition specialist Aurora unveiled a world-first in access control technology: a system that allows registered users to open doors simply by looking at a sensor, with no need for any additional verification such as tokens, cards or PINs.

At IFSEC International 2016, FaceSentinel ran on IDL’s stand in two modes of operation: the token-free Identification Mode, and Verification Mode, which adds an extra biometric layer to the functionality of any access control system.

In Verification mode, a registered user swipes his or her pass card or key fob and FaceSentinel simply confirms whether the person holding the credential is the same person registered within the organisation’s access permissions system. This authentication happens in a second or less, providing unrivalled levels of access security for high risk sites including power stations and other utilities and critical national infrastructure facilities.

IFSEC International is Europe’s largest security exhibition, and took place June 21-23 at ExCel London. For more information about Aurora’s big reveal at IFSEC, visit