We are  pleased to announce that we now have independent verification that our Deep Learning facial recognition is not only good, but one of best in the field.

A team from the University of Nottingham Computer Vision Lab, led by Dr Michel Valstar carried out the evaluation as an independent 3rd party. All results were obtained in a way that was both illustrative and common in the industry, to enable easy comparison with other companies in the market.

Using the same strict parameters as laid out in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Technology (FERET) database evaluations, Aurora’s infrared recognition algorithms have now been measured and compared against the world’s forefront biometric facial recognition providers and has come out ahead in the rank 50 search results against a gallery of 10,660 people.

You can view the full report here.

Aurora’s biometric facial recognition systems have been major players in the industry for over a decade. However, due to our innovative use of infrared lighting, we have been unable to participate in the recognised Face Recognition Challenges and Evaluations (FaCET) run by NIST. This independent evaluation has given us the opportunity to officially prove that our technology produces outstanding results.

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