With over 200 systems already deployed within Heathrow and Manchester airports and logging over 14 million successful transactions so far, our Passenger Management systems were tested to the highest standards before adoption. The implementation at Heathrow was the first, and probably remains the only, pre-boarding biometric check of a whole class of passengers. At Heathrow this is for domestic flights.

Combining our Aurora Imaging & Recognition (AIR) engine with the AETHER Sensor unit, passenger verification is taken to a new level by incorporating the hardware into automatic barriers, bag-drop stations and self boarding gates. It links passenger boarding cards to biometric data collected live and can also check identification via passport image.

Currently deployed at:

Manchester AirportHeathrow Airport
Aether Sensor Units
Passenger Management

IATA, the widely respected representative group within the air industry, is promoting “Smart Security.” This has the widely accepted triple aims of achieving: strengthened security; increased efficiency; improved passenger experience. Biometrics is seen as a key enabler for these triple aims and Aurora collaborated with IATA at trials in Geneva and Heathrow Airports that have shown wide passenger acceptance of our systems.

Aurora’s facial biometric systems are extensively deployed at Heathrow and Manchester Airports. They are used to assist passenger boarding. By linking a biometric enrolment photo, at entrance to the departure lounge, to the bar code on the boarding ticket, certainty around the correct passenger identity can be provided. This also speeds the boarding process. At Heathrow the system is used for all domestic flights and many millions of transactions have been processed. In the realm of passenger boarding this was the first deployment for a whole class of passengers. Previous systems have offered limited fast track verification but not for all passengers on a flight.

With a range of air industry partners some have dubbed the Aurora system as “the de facto standard.” Certainly, at the Paris prestigious air industry conference and exhibition PTE in March 2015, Aurora’s systems on six separate stands, incorporated into self boarding gates, bag drop and ticket kiosks, eclipsed those of all competitors.

Download the datasheet (PDF, 800kb approx)


“IATA’s Global Passenger Survey reveals most
travellers are receptive to the idea of using
Biometrics during the border control process.”

“77% of travellers comfortable with using biometrics.
71% prefer using self-boarding gates.”

“Simple, straight forward and fast – the
technology works consistently 24 hours a day”

“IR images can be matched to data recorded on
a biometric passport to confirm holders identity”

“Aurora’s SDK capable of checking an image for
International Civil Aviation Organisation compliance”