Face Recognition Applications for Software Solutions – Online face comparison

RAPP UK: MyPlayerTwin

In 2013 Aurora partnered with RAPP UK, one of the world’s leading marketing services agencies, in designing a campaign for a leading financial institution.

My Player twin featured Aurora Face Recognition Technology

The spec was for a unique, interactive and fun way to promote get people talking. Our development team used our face recognition software to provide a service which compared an uploaded image of anyone against an extensive database of 2012/13 Premier League footballers, returning the picture of the player who most resembled the original upload.

The website had nearly half a million hits, with thousands of fans uploading images of their faces through their phones or computers to find out which Premier League footballer they looked most like. The site enabled users to share their PlayerTwin over social media and view galleries of the top twins

The campaign scored on every level:

Face Recognition Applications that deliver

This case study highlights the interactive possibilities for Face Recognition Applications, using class-leading Aurora biometric facial recognition technology. If you think that our software could be applied to an innovative project such as this, please get in touch with the Aurora team.