We have a great deal of experience in applying our Core Technology to “real world” applications like Time & Attendance, Passenger Management and Access Control.

In the main we work with specialist sensors for image acquisition (as opposed to CCTV), but our Aurora Image Recognition (AIR) engine can also be applied to visible light imagery to perform many other tasks. We have worked with creatives, marketers and even the law enforcement community to apply our world leading Facial Recognition Software expertise to a range of different products and services.

We can work with imagery from a variety of different sources including social media, the web and other data sets to help bring your ideas for Facial Recognition to life across many different platforms.

We have a range of SDKs available for developers and can also give you access to a version of our Facial Recognition Software engine running in the cloud so you can see how it performs in your particular scenario. Please contact us for more details or an informal discussion.

Software Solutions
Standard SDK

Standard SDK

For rapid implementation of infrared face recognition

The Aurora Software Development Kit (SDK) allows software engineers to integrate Aurora Imaging and Recognition (AIR) functionality into existing applications, thus benefiting from Aurora’s world leading infrared face recognition technology. The SDK package consists of the following components.

  • An AIR API for software integration
  • SDK Developer guide and help files
  • A unique licence file to grant API access for a specific PC ( this must be acquired from Aurora after initial installation has taken place)
  • An Aurora Aether unit for infrared facial image acquisition
  • An example Visual Studio project that uses the AIR API
  • An example application providing simple enrolment and verification testing

The AIR API provides an interface to control the Aurora Aether unit for enrolment, verification and identification procedures. In addition, all libraries and hardware drivers required for final deployment are provided.

Advanced SDK

For extended development of infrared face recognition

The advanced SDK provides developers with the extended functionality necessary to carry out more involved face recognition tasks. The flexible functions provided are more extensive than those in the standard verification and identification SDK and will allow the development of applications with the following advanced features.

  • Enhance poor enrolments
  • Store multiple representations of one person in a single template
  • Scan for verification in parallel to retrieving templates
  • Check new enrolments against a previous enrolment
  • Scan a face and buffer images for either verification or enrolment
  • Enrol from a previously acquired image
  • Load multiple face recognition engines for different image modalities
  • Compare full colour images with infrared images
Advanced SDK
Passport SDK

Passport SDK

For infrared facial verification against passport photographs

The passport SDK provides developers with a simple interface for live verification against passport style (ICAO) images. The following facilities are provided:

  • Verification against a colour ICAO style passport image using the standard infrared Aether unit cameras.
  • Creation of an infrared enrolment in parallel to passport verification.
  • Start and stop a preview image stream.

FaceRec SDK

For face recognition of full colour photographs

The essential difference of Aurora’s FaceRec SDK is that it does not require use of the infrared camera unit. It has been designed to work more like a conventional face recognition SDK where the different functional components are separate and can be used independently or in any combination. This allows software engineers to integrate our technology into other applications such as face detection and tracking for CCTV, photo sorting and indexing for social media, verification for on-line transactions, identification against a gallery of images, as well as for traditional access control.

The FaceRec API provides an interface to detect and recognise faces when applied to a bitmap image. Aurora’s extensive experience in face recognition has taught us that one face recognition algorithm does not suit all situations. Therefore, the API includes multiple detection and recognition algorithms, each optimised for different types of face image, hence providing specific advantages for different circumstances. For example, face recognition engines are available for the following:

  • Infrared images captured independently of our SDK
  • High quality passport style photographs for identity management
  • Web-cam images captured under poor lighting conditions
  • Social photographs taken from a variety of different head angles
  • Look-a-like images, tuned to mimic human facial perception
FaceRec SDK
Quality SDK

Quality SDK

For facial image analysis and quality assessment (ICAO/ISO standards)

The Aurora Quality SDK provides a simple interface to analyse facial images across a range of quality criteria, such as that specified in ICAO/ISO standards.

The SDK provides a summary report with High/Medium/Low indications for each quality criteria, together with the raw metric values used to assess quality. This report can be used to filter image collections, excluding those of low quality or to inform and assist the capture process to ensure best practice. Other facilities include:

  • Face detection
  • Eye detection
  • Real-time compliance monitoring
  • Full quality and metric report creation
  • Token image generation


For rapid integration of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning

The AI SDK provides developers with a simple interface for deployment of any Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by Aurora. Once an AI has been created using state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques, the AI can be initialised by the SDK and put to work analysing, classifying or recognising images, text or binary data through submission to a simple API. The highly flexible generic form of the SDK removes the need to re-write a new interface for each AI created. Reducing time to market and cost of development.

AI SDK (Deep Learning)

Case Studies

Aurora technology applied in “real-world” projects, including the highly successful MyPlayerTwin campaign.


We are always excited to work with innovators and would be happy to discuss potential applications of our Face Recognition technology in your creative project. Let’s talk.

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