Time and Attendance for Construction

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Facial Recognition for Time & Attendance and Site Access Control in Construction

  • Ensures only the correct hours are paid.
  • Records images of all events ensuring 100% compliance with no excuses.
  • Reports on who’s on site, from which trade and subcontractor.
  • Advanced biometric site access technology, used extensively in the UK construction industry
  • Eliminates “ghost workers” and “buddy clocking”.
  • Tracks Training & Qualifications, CSCS and other employee details.
  • Messaging facility for individuals or groups, no more claiming they didn’t hear about that Toolbox Talk!

Aurora has been producing biometric Time & Attendance systems for the UK Construction Industry and overseas construction sectors for over a decade. A construction site presents unique problems for traditional biometric verification systems such as finger, vein and palm scanners, as user’s hands become dirty and damaged during the normal course of their work.

10 years ago we were approached by what is now one of the world’s largest construction companies to address this problem, by using our unique Facial Recognition technology. We developed the ClockFace+ Biometric Verification System, which can operate “stand alone” on any site, as well as the Integrated Biometric Turnstile, which adds total site access control.

With a proven track record within the UK Construction industry, the Middle East sector and beyond, these systems are now in use with companies such as Laing O’Rourke, Byrne Bros, Mulalley, Kilnbridge, Ardmore and MPB and the list of users is growing all the time.

Our Time and Attendance solutions are used extensively throughout the UK construction sector. Facial Recognition is the “ultimate” biometric for this kind of application, as images of each event are stored meaning any issues can be investigated easily. Our customers enjoy 100% compliance from their staff as there is no excuse for not being able to use the system.

The return on investment is large and rapid. Savings are immediately apparent because only the correct hours are ever paid for and nobody can claim for hours if they were not actually there. In addition where subcontractors or agency staff are on site, the reports generated by our systems can be used to rapidly check the hours billed against those actually worked. Our partners in the UK construction industry report savings of between £3000-£5000 per week by using our Time & Attendance systems – talk to us today.

Biometric Facial Recognition for Time, Attendance and Site Access Control combined with Powerful, Intuitive Reporting and Analysis Tools designed for Construction Professionals.

Eliminate “buddy punching”, increase security and drastically cut admin time. NEW mobile solutions for ‘smartphones and tablets.


Biometric hardware range overview (PDF, 960kb)

Software Modules for Time and Attendance and Workforce Management

Our comprehensive software packages provide customisable functionality to monitor and analyse key data from workforce entry and attendance.


Passenger Management
Integrated Biometric Turnstile (IBT)

Integrated Biometric Turnstile (IBT)


Full site security combined with ClockFace or TabletClocking readers. Configurable for various site requirements and re-deployable. Designed primarily for the construction industry, IBT is totally self-contained, easily redeployable and extremely robust.

Download the datasheet (PDF, 800kb approx)



Full Biometric verification of users. Eliminates “buddy punching” by using world class Facial Recognition technology. The ultimate in secure access, ClockFace+ can be used Stand Alone or with a Turnstile. Developed in the UK and in use worldwide ClockFace+ is a fast, highly accurate Biometric system which offers a number of hygiene and speed advantages over more traditional technologies, such as fingerprint and palm readers.

Download the datasheet (PDF, 800kb approx)



Smartphones record images and location data for Time & Attendance. Ideal for remote and mobile workforces in smaller groups. Each log record contains the mobile phone number, the person identifier, the event type, the timestamp, the GPS co-ordinates and the person’s photograph.

Download the datasheet (PDF, 800kb approx)



Ruggedised tablet captures images of workers clocking in/out. Ideal for semi-permanent and permanent sites and can also control access via a Turnstile.

Download the datasheet (PDF, 800kb approx)

Time and Attendance Software

ClockFace Manager, TimeKeeper & Head Office Database (HOD)

Software Modules for Time & Attendance and Work Force Management designed for construction professionals

Our comprehensive software packages enable users to harvest vital data from our range of clocking devices. Whether you’re managing a single site or multiple locations with many hundreds of staff and subcontractors, ClockFace Manager provides a platform for entering and managing comprehensive personnel details, viewing attendance and generating reports to gauge the activity of individuals, trades and sub-contractors.

ClockFace Manager also displays messages to a single user or groups when they clock in or out. There is also a comprehensive selection of Health and Safety Graphics which staff must acknowledge before proceeding.

On-site Report

On Site Report – a single click generates a report of everyone on site at that moment, a vital snapshot in the event of an emergency. (Click above to view a sample report)

Log Viewer

Log Viewer provides details of all logging events associated with an individual enabling a photographic comparison of the person logged in with the image held on record. It also provides a visual record of any failed transactions, enabling instant identification of any attempt by someone to gain access using another’s credentials. (Click above to view a sample report)

Session Viewer

Session Viewer provides a complete history of an employee’s clocking in/out activity, showing their in/out times and calculating the total time on site for each day of attendance. It also instantly highlights any attendance anomalies, such as clocking in on a particular day and failing to clock out. (Click above to view a sample report)

Attendance Reports

Attendance Reports allow you to build up a comprehensive and detailed picture of attendance which can be broken down by date range, trade, company and other options. The Trade report is a valuable tool for ensuring the site has the right amount of any particular trade for the planned amount of time and at the correct stage of the project. A simple way to check the attendance profile against the plan. (Click above to view a sample report).

Message and Safety Graphics

Messaging and Safety Graphics can be used to ensure an individual or a whole group receives a message at a particular time. (Click here to view a sample message). Health & Safety Graphics can be programmed to appear at particular times on a rolling basis and users must acknowledge that they have seen the graphic. (Click above to view a sample graphic)

TimeKeeper provides the next stage link from Time & Attendance reporting to payroll operation by applying definable rules to the Time & Attendance records. In this way, users can automatically compile a timesheet which can be exported directly to many industry standard payroll systems for huge savings in admin time with highly accurate, indisputable attendance data.

Shift Definitions

Shift Definitions allow you to apply flexible definitions to shift patterns, define grace periods, late start penalties, special allowances and different overtime levels. (Click above to view a shift definition report)

Time Sheets

Time Sheets take the defined rules on pay and allowances and apply them to the actual attendance recorded for the whole workforce or individuals. (Click above to view a sample Time Sheet)

Employee Records

Employee Records store the full range of personal details required by HR and that can be used to generate customised contracts of employment. (Click above to view a sample report)

Scanning of Documents

Scanning of Documents to be held against personnel records, so administrators can electronically access identity information, contracts of employment, CCS records etc. (Click above to view a sample report)

Training, Discipline, Health Screening and Appraisal

Training, Discipline, Health Screening and Appraisal can also be recorded and reported for audit purposes. (Click above to view a sample report)

Head Office Database (HOD) is a central register of all employees and sub-contractors enabling their data to be instantly accessible across multiple sites. Designed for larger organisations, the HOD drastically reduces site admin by pushing employee details out to new sites at the induction stage. Centralisation of this data allows comprehensive audit and management reports to be produced reducing admin on individual sites.